Can I be treated for medical emergencies such as heart attack or stroke at Innovative Medical Clinic?

No. If you are experiencing a medical emergency such as a heart attack or stroke, you should call 911 and get to the nearest emergency department immediately. For other medical concerns, if you are uncertain if we can treat you at Innovative Medical Clinic, please refer to our home page where we have listed conditions that require treatment in the emergency department and conditions that we can treat here at Innovative Medical Clinic.
Is anybody eligible to receive IV hydration or nutrient infusions at Innovative Medical Clinic?

No. Certain medical conditions such as heart failure and kidney failure will make you ineligible for the infusions we provide in our clinic. There may be other conditions that would be a limitation as well. Each client will have an appointment with a provider to determine if they are eligible. Be sure to tell your provider about any medical conditions or past medical history you might have.
Can I have my primary care provider or providers from outside Innovative Medical Clinic send my prescriptions to your on-site pharmacy?

No. Our on-site pharmacy is not a full pharmacy. It is a mini pharmacy to be utilized for the dispensing of the medications (non-scheduled) that we prescribe for you during your appointment at Innovative Medical Clinic.
Do I have to fill my prescriptions at your on-site pharmacy?

No. We simply have this service for your convenience. If you would prefer that we send the prescription to your usual pharmacy, we would be happy to do so.
Do you take health insurance?

No. We offer a direct pay model for services rendered. By doing this, we are able to keep the cost lower to our patients. Many insurance plans have a high deductible and, therefore, patients often pay out of pocket for their urgent care type visits (often at least $200-$400). By using a direct pay model, we are able to keep our prices lower and eliminate the surprise bills you receive three months later for services you don’t recall.
Do you accept payment plans?

No. All payments are due at the time services are rendered. The office visit fee will be paid at the time of check in and the remainder of services (if any) will be paid at the time of check-out.
Can I use my flexible spending account/health savings account?

Yes. We accept many forms of payment including cash, credit card, debit card, and FSA/HSA cards. If you do not have a card for your FSA/HSA, we can provide you with a superbill to submit with your request for reimbursement.
Can I schedule an appointment in your clinic?

At this time, you can schedule appointments for our IV Hydration/Nutrient Infusions. Our other urgent care medical services are offered on a walk-in basis. You can do so by calling our office at 573-644-9901.
Can I get my Norco filled at your on-site pharmacy?

No. We do not stock or carry any controlled/scheduled medications in our clinic. We do not routinely prescribe controlled/scheduled medications from our clinic.
Can I get a refill of my chronic medications at Innovative Medical Clinic?

We do not routinely prescribe refills for your chronic medications. Many chronic medications require frequent follow-up and monitoring and therefore, this is best to be done through your primary care provider. Additionally, we only carry medications in-house for acute illness (antibiotics, inhalers, topical medications, etc.).
Is there a physician on site?

We have two medical directors who will occasionally be on-site. Typically, the day-to-day providers on site are a Physician Assistant and/or a Nurse Practitioner. You have the right to see a physician for your medical care. If you would like to see a physician, please ask at the time of check-in if we have one on site for that day. If not, you are welcome to seek care at an alternative location if you would prefer. If emergent stabilization or treatment is needed, we can provide supportive care while facilitating transfer to the emergency department. Our goal is for you to receive the care you desire. We would love to be the place to which you entrust your care.
When will I get the results of my labs?

If completed in-house, you will receive the results of your labs prior to leaving the clinic. These tests take up to 15 minutes to complete once placed in the analyzers. If you have send-out labs completed, and they are obtained prior to 2pm, we should receive your results by the next morning. If obtained after 2pm, it may take up to 48 hours for us to receive your results. Cultures will take longer to receive because they take at least 24-48 hours for the cultures to grow.
Do you offer radiology services all day?

Currently, since we are utilizing the radiology services at Advanced Radiology, our radiology services are only offered during their business hours (8am – 5pm M-F). If you come to see us after 5pm, depending on the situation, we may have you return for imaging in the morning or go to the ER for further evaluation.

Please call us with any questions you have.